Product Types
Owns products with brand "GATMATIC", a manufacturer of wheel aligner, injector cleaner, A/C service machine,
tire changer, wheel balancer and lift with strong technical force.
3D Wheel Aligner A/C Service Machine Tire Changer Wheel Balancer
Lift Spray Booth Injector Cleaner CCD Wheel Aligner
New Products
We have enjoyed a high reputation among our customers for the cost effective products with high quality.
Products are exported to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia and so on.
0il Collecting Drainer
GA-600S+ Wheel Aligner
GT510 ATF Exchanger
GT410 ATF Exchanger
GM-710A-YF A/C Service
GM-710-YF A/C Service
GA-600S Wheel Aligner
GA-600V Wheel Aligner
GA-600T Wheel Aligner
GA-300 3D wheel aligne
GA-300M Wheel Aligner
GA-300T Wheel Aligner

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